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Oh my god! Are you ready for summer to be over? Well here in Hotlanta we've reached some record breaking temps. Channel 2 news even called it "uncomfortable" heat lol! Fall where are you?

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Soooo I was so geeked to receive these products before they launched to the general public. Especially the new brow tools!!! Ah!!! I'm all about a good brow!  We have a new volumizing brow tint in 4 awesome shades which include: blonde, dark blonde, brunette, & dark brunette. This compliments the new precision brow liner, which comes in five shades: black brown, blonde, dark blonde, brunette, and dark brunette. Click here for your ultimate brow guide.

NEW! Mary Kay® Volumizing Brow Tint: $14    NEW! Mary Kay® Precision Brow Liner: $14

NEW! Mary Kay® Volumizing Brow Tint: $14

NEW! Mary Kay® Precision Brow Liner: $14

We've revamped our Botanicals Effects skincare line and gave it a fresh new look aaaaand fresh new ingredients. One of which is dragon fruit. OMG! I want to eat this stuff!!! Who has a busy life and wants a simple skincare solution? Meeeee!!! Ok, life is complicated... I get it!!! I mean really get it! I have a 6 and 2 1/2 year old for crying out loud. Thanks in advance for the prayers. ....but your skincare regimen shouldn't be. This regimen is simple but is packed with nutrients to help skin bounce back.

Now can you bounce with me.....bounce with mey!? Sorry, that Jay-Z song popped in my head. Ok, back on track. The regimen includes cleansing gel, moisturizing gel, & refreshing toner. The invigorating scrub (not pictured) is sold separately. Click here for more info.

NEW! Botanical Effects® Regimen Bundle  $54.00

NEW! Botanical Effects® Regimen Bundle  $54.00

Do you use a finishing spray after beating your face or getting your face beat? I know it sounds harsh so let me rephrase. Do you use a finishing spray after applying your makeup? If so, great! If not, wake up! It's the best thing since sliced bread. I even spray this bad boy under my armpits, between my thighs, and under my boobs. Talk about multi-purpose. I use the Mary Kay Finishing Spray by Skindinavia!

Guess what guys... they've done it again.  Releasing this fall is the Makeup Reviving Spray by Skindinavia!! This new skin sensation takes you from your morning routine...all through the day....and night giving your skin the extra boost of hydration with a light coconut scent. This is a limited edition item so it's only while supplies last. Yeah, run don't walk!

Mary Kay Reviving Facial Spray™ by Skindinävia  $20.00

Mary Kay Reviving Facial Spray™ by Skindinävia  $20.00

So just a few more newbies. Two gel eyeliners in Ornate Orchid & Espresso Ink and alspo a cute bag to compliment all of your fall goodies! This cute bag is only $5 with the purchase of $56 in the new fall items while supplies last.

Mary Kay Collection Bag $5

Mary Kay Collection Bag $5

That's it! What would you like to try? Drop a comment below and don't forget to hit that little cute heart (25 hearts is the goal) and share!


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Oh Wow! I have sooooo much to talk about! Can you believe it's 2018?!?! Did you set a New Year Resolution? Have you broken it yet? Well I plead the fifth. Good thing about life is you can restart, reset, and recharge as you see fit! 

Was winterizing your skin on your list? If not, it's time to add it to your morning and nightly routine. My go-to set is the TimeWise Miracle Set.  I have minor blemishes that pop up when it's that time of the month, and the night solution in this set is the bees knees in keeping those critters off my face!!! If you watched "All That" on Nickelodeon growing up, then it's definitely non need a skincare with age fighting benefits.

TimeWise Miracle Set $95

TimeWise Miracle Set $95

Just for you I'm doing a challenge. It's called the "Glow & Tell Challenge." Basically you take a before pic, use one of our skincare systems for 21 days, take an after pic and show me that glowing skin. If you take the challenge I'll also provide 21% off any Skincare Set of your choice. Comment below if you're game!

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So in 2017 a lot of BIG things happened in Mary Kay and we broke some records. Like THIS! Yes the record breaking Charcoal Mask will unclog any pore no matter the size! So what now you ask? Well, our winter revolutionary New Skincare Mask is the Bio-Cellulose Mask inspired by Korean Beauty! Say Whaaat! K-Beauty is a breakout trend that's known for creating buzzworthy skin care innovations.

NEW! TimeWise Repair Lifting Bio-Cellulose Mask $70

NEW! TimeWise Repair Lifting Bio-Cellulose Mask $70

Before I get into all that goodness, I want you to check out another one of our new releases for the winter. It's the New Gel-Semi Shine Lipsticks. Yessza! So you know of our gel-matte lipsticks, right? That was another huge release in 2017 where we brought the genius technology of gel to this lipstick line. This was an on trend relief for me because I wanted the look of matte without the drying aspect. The New shades come in 12 Semi-Shine formulas which delivers radiant color with luminous shine! Which color will you add to your lipstick wardrobe?


My VIP's in The BEE Crushed Beauty Hive  voted on three natural shades. Can you guess which one they chose? Come join and find out for yourself.



New Mary Kay Gel Semi-Shine Lipstick $18

New Mary Kay Gel Semi-Shine Lipstick $18


Ok so now back to the main event! What is all the hype about with this Bio-Cellulose mask? I can tell you if you're a busy mom and you skip a few nights on your skincare regimen, then you will love the fact this is ONE step you leave on for 20-30 min! The cellulose material hugs tightly to your face to make sure all the products are diligently working. It's clinically tested which means REAL people = REAL results!

So what are the deets?

  • It's part of our TimeWise Repair line.
  • After one single use: mask increased the skin's moisture levels for 24hrs, and skin is radiant and smooth.
  • Comes in a box of four.
  • For max results use twice a week. 


Let me know below what is one product that you have to have in your skincare regimen, and don't forget to hit the <3 and share!


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May is always a busy month with birthdays, Mother's Day, graduations and awards day just to name a few. I know you busy moms got it all under control, but just in case you don''s a quick look on how I'm styling my daughter's hair for her Awards Day Celebration.

You can thank my Sis @uniquelymadebydsa for finding this cute style on Pinterest. Who else is obsessed with Pinterest? If yes hit the like button below. The style is actually by @iamawog on IG.

 I first co-washed using Cantu Nourishing Conditioner. I would normally follow up with their detangler but I was out. I used a wide tooth comb and detangled while the conditioner was in. I then proceeded to part the hair into the style.


I slicked down the three sections with Taliah Waajid's soft & curly for children. I also used this to seal the twists. Added a cute bow and viola! Now she's feeling herself!

That's it! Quick and Easy right? If you like these type of tutorials hit the like button, and I'll keep them coming. Now get back to life and be the superwoman that you are!


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You may be wondering how I manage to work a full-time job, care for an infant and a toddler, be a wife, and run my business on a daily basis.

You know what they say. If you want something done give it to the busiest person you know.  This is so true! Sometimes I find myself saying it's just one more thing to cross off my list #smh. I work full time as a tech engineer. You can probably imagine those 50+ hour weeks. I also have a 5-year-old beautiful daughter, a 2-year-old handsome son, and a loving husband. Along with that, I'm a beauty consultant with Mary Kay Cosmetics w/ a team of over 20 women who I coach and mentor.

When I decided I was going to treat my business like and business and no longer a hobby I had to find the time to do it. Good thing I wasn't the new kid on the block and I remembered this thing called the weekly plan sheet. Basically, it's a sheet with blocks of time sectioned off. After filling this out for the first time I quickly found I was really busy in my head. I had to learn to prioritize, put some things on hold, and never pick back up those things that weren't contributing to my goals.

Below you will see an example of my weekly plan sheet which isn't updated weekly. This was for a few months. It may change from time to time but for the most part, it stays the same. We all have mandatory things we do at certain times i.e. work, church, kids activities, dinner etc. And if you think this will run smoothly every time, you better think again because that would be a miracle. Everything highlighted in green is where I found time to work my biz. I chose green as the highlight because it's an income producing activity. Keep in mind the most successful people live a very routine life. That's right, they do almost the same activities daily.

Click on the link above and try it out. You may find yourself some free time to start that housing project, put your kid in an after school activity, or even to start your own business!!! The possibilities are endless.

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I had the opportunity of meeting and networking with some amazing people at the Bridal Extravaganza of ATL (BEA). This was my first big event so of course, I didn't know what to expect. Luckily I didn't have to do it alone. Some of my amazing team members volunteered to help me. I love leading leaders! You know what Mary Kay Ash once said, "speed of the leader, speed of the gang."  

My table display was inspired by all the shabby chic things I already had in storage. I basically laid the foundation of my vision and my rockstar team member, Debbie, stepped in and sprinkled it with her pixie dust. Ok, she poured all of her pixie dust love onto it and made it sparkle and shine! She even brought one of her shabby chic items from home to add that additional touch. I was so pleased with the results. 

My superstar red jacket, DeAshley, stepped right in with her giving motherly spirit and assembled all of my business cards with color card samples. She's holding a few in the pic. I totally forgot to do this and she really saved the day. I had a lot of these y'all, eek! De'Ashley was also in charge of my VIP mailing list opt-in. She mingled and interacted with potential clients so well. She nailed it!

The talented Krystle (team member & my photographer) started out walking back to the car with DeAshley because of course, I forgot something again. #SMH! She used her people skills and entered women into our drawing to win a free pampering session & gift card. I mean who doesn't love free stuff?!?! She did this while taking photos of the event in between sessions. Talk about a great multitasker!

 I then began networking with potential clients, offering product knowledge, giving out free hand massages with our fabulous Satin Hands Set, and booking appointments right on the spot. A little advice, never forget your datebook. I did! My phone did the job, but it would've been a lot smoother if I had my handy dandy datebook.

I had one fabulous bride who came over and said, "OMG, I have to demo your microdermabrasion set. Please tell me you have it." I know what y'all are thinking, she forgot that too! Hallelujah, I didn't.... #TYJ! We began to demo the product on the back of her hand and compared it with her other hand to see the difference. Instant results! Yay!  

She left happy and no longer puzzled about one of my #1 best sellers. She immediately asked for a card and we exchanged info. I was happy because I was able to solve an issue and turn it into knowledge.

Isn't she a beauty? She's going to make one lucky man proud next year on their big day! This amazing woman was the winner of my door prize! She took home a beautiful Limited Edition Into The Garden floral compact from our limited edition spring collection! This floral pink palette includes four enchanting eye colors, a cute little applicator, and three lip colors that are not sticky! I fell in love with this collection inspired by Brazilian fashion designer Patricia Bonaldi. I still have a few left, and they are now half off! Contact Me!

So how do you end a prosperous day of work? With wedding cake of course! I wish I remembered the bakery so I could give them a shout out. It was pretty tasty! I had such a great time at my first BIG wedding event. I hope this inspires you to step out of your comfort zone and just do it.

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The other day I was meditating and wondered, hmmmm how in the world could I possibly have taken a leap of faith and be able to treat my passion like a business? I will say this if you're single with zero kids you better dive head first and start whatever it is you're passionate about. For me, I wish I'd started 5 years ago, but we don't live in the past, so keep it moving.

One day after finishing my weekly accomplishment sheet (sign up to receive yours.) I presented it to my husband. He saw exactly when I would be needing some extra help with dinner and the kids. He agreed to step in and I was able to wrap up directorship with my company!!! Say what, say what?!?! Yes, but I couldn't imagine how it would've been without my base, my core, my backbone.

I decided almost 3 years ago I would say yes to marrying my high school sweetheart. Without the great support at home, I'm not sure how I would have and still is, able to be a mompreneur. Single parents I commend you. This is a job definitely not for the weak, nor lazy.

The Goolsby Wedding was one of the best days of my life. I married my best friend and soul mate. I can truly say marriage is a wonderful thing. Even if you're not married, surround yourself around positive people. Have a strong foundation so you don't have to worry about too many cracks and your foundation crumbling. To see our southern GA wedding featured on Black Bride click here.


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