You may be wondering how I manage to work a full-time job, care for an infant and a toddler, be a wife, and run my business on a daily basis.

You know what they say. If you want something done give it to the busiest person you know.  This is so true! Sometimes I find myself saying it's just one more thing to cross off my list #smh. I work full time as a tech engineer. You can probably imagine those 50+ hour weeks. I also have a 5-year-old beautiful daughter, a 2-year-old handsome son, and a loving husband. Along with that, I'm a beauty consultant with Mary Kay Cosmetics w/ a team of over 20 women who I coach and mentor.

When I decided I was going to treat my business like and business and no longer a hobby I had to find the time to do it. Good thing I wasn't the new kid on the block and I remembered this thing called the weekly plan sheet. Basically, it's a sheet with blocks of time sectioned off. After filling this out for the first time I quickly found I was really busy in my head. I had to learn to prioritize, put some things on hold, and never pick back up those things that weren't contributing to my goals.

Below you will see an example of my weekly plan sheet which isn't updated weekly. This was for a few months. It may change from time to time but for the most part, it stays the same. We all have mandatory things we do at certain times i.e. work, church, kids activities, dinner etc. And if you think this will run smoothly every time, you better think again because that would be a miracle. Everything highlighted in green is where I found time to work my biz. I chose green as the highlight because it's an income producing activity. Keep in mind the most successful people live a very routine life. That's right, they do almost the same activities daily.

Click on the link above and try it out. You may find yourself some free time to start that housing project, put your kid in an after school activity, or even to start your own business!!! The possibilities are endless.

As always BEE Great!!!